OUR PUPPIES ….10/25/2019



THIS IS OUR LOLA…SHE IS DUE TO HAVE HER BABIES MID NOVEMBER. Lola is a big girl weighing about 10 pounds so her puppies will be most likley be in the 8 to 10 pound range as adults.



PICTURED  ABOVE IS OUR  5 1/2 POUND MALE BOOBOO…He is a charming young man with many champions in his back ground.

CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFO…I CAN SEND CURRENT DAY VIDEO so you can see them at play and maybe see personality a little.

TEXT OR CALL 218-838-2952

EMAIL – furrielittlefriends@yahoo.com


  1. Hello,
    I am interested in more information about Callie’s puppies. How big are Callie and the puppies’ father? I am interested in either a puppy or an adult retired Pomeranian that has the teddy bear face/nose. This sounds particular, but that is my dream companion doggie, as I just lost my “Ted E. Bear” this last year to old age and he had those characteristics. Any information and/or photos would be wonderful.

    • Hi Laurie.I don’t have any retired adults,but Callies babies should be just what you are looking for. They will have the face you are looking for andthey will be in the 4 to 5 pound range. Let me know if you want more info and pictures. Please text me or email…I don’t check my site morethan once a day. so text will get to me fastest.

  2. Hi Sue ! I might be looking for a friend for Pacer ! Do you still have Tiny Tim ? He is adorable ! (I purchased Pacer from you in the fall of 2027) We adore him !

    • Hi Billi, so glad you love Pacer. Yes Tiny Tim is available. Sorry I didn’t getback to you sooner. This is a new site and I amnot used to checking here for inquiries. i am sending you info by e-mail

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  • We look forward to hearing from you!

    If you are interested in purchasing one of our puppies, a small deposit (we accept PayPal) ensures he or she will be yours until arrangements can be made to come pick your puppy up. The prices quoted are if you pick up the puppy at my home in Fairview Township which is located about 13 miles North of Crosby Mn. Arrangements can be made to meet you part way for an additional fee to help cover the cost of gas and my time. Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions you may have. Often times people want to be on a calling list for upcoming puppies. I take a $25 deposit to be on the list, if you pick a puppy, you then pay an additional $75 to make the full deposit of $100 to hold your choice until it is ready to go home with you.